#TheClassLife: Share what you are working on and what being a CLASS means to you.

#AskAnna:  Ask Anna a question.

#WhereShouldIStart: Feeling overwhelmed? Tell us your situation and ask for help...That’s what this community was built for.

#ImNewHereIf you don’t feel comfortable asking a question right out of the gate, simply introduce yourself! 

#CRPWin: Share a CRP win you've had- big or small.

#LYCFWin: Share an LYCF win you've had- big or small.

#oneweekonething: Share the one thing you are going to do with us each week on Mondays.

#crpsurvey: Share your survey and get responses from the group.

#womenempoweringwomen: Share if you see a CLASS member helping others!

#Feedback: Want  a review of your website, resume or something you are working on in CLASS? Ask for feedback from the community.

Note: We also recommend sharing the phase you are working on when you post so other members can support you. For example, #CRPphase2.

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